Do your users still need a password?

Welcome to the age of no passwords.

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Prof. Claude Nicollier, ehemaliger ESA-Astronaut, aktuell Professor an der EPFL


Lift off to the Cloud with the NEVIS E-Forum 2020

This year’s NEVIS Forum took place in digital form on June 24. The motto was “Lift off to the Cloud”. Keynote speaker Claude Nicollier used the Apollo missions and the Hubble Space Telescope as examples to talk about the opportunities and risks of manned spaceflight – opportunities and risks that also exist for companies that take their offers to the cloud.

NEVIS Forum 2020

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The age of no password

It is not only the NEVIS Group, market leader in Identity and Access Management, who sees an opportunity for companies to expand their security measures in the crisis.


The exciting history of passwords

From magic word to biometrics

The concept of the password goes back a long way – even Ali Baba gained unauthorized access to the cave of the robbers with the magic words “Open Sesame!”. This article describes the development of the password from then to now, explains why passwords are outdated and takes a look into the password-free future with biometric alternatives.