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Cloud Omnichannel

NEVIS Identity Suite

Our products nevisProxy, nevisAuth and nevisIDM currently secure more than 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland. Our user-friendly and secure solution has already won several awards.


NEVIS Authentication Cloud

Passwordless is the new authentication standard. We offer the solution as a cloud service, so you can provide maximum security and a seamless experience to all your users out of the box.

Passwordless Authentication

No more stress – passwordless

The password is the main security risk. Get rid of it. User-friendly, secure and legally compliant



Nevis Softshell Vendor Award 2019


Award-winning news

The NEVIS Security Suite has been awarded several times with the Softshell Vendor Award, KuppingerCole, as Security Leader in Switzerland and as IAM Leader in Germany.

Passwortfrei Post Nevis

Case Study

Passwordless access to accounts

PostFinance customers experience state-of-the-art convenience with password-free access to their accounts: After a single activation, a fingerprint is sufficient and the customer is securely logged in. The number of customer interactions has doubled.

Media Release

SFS strengthens its security infrastructure with NEVIS

Oct 30, 2019 – SFS has chosen NEVIS to enhance its security concept. To this end, the technology group extends its strategic partnership with AdNovum for another seven years. The new solution will enable SFS to quickly respond to new customer requirements and more.

Renowned customers count on NEVIS