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Sep 10, 2019

NEVIS Cluster Release August 2019

Some highlights of the August release:

  • NEVIS now supports multiple mobile phone numbers per user for the mTAN login credential.
  • New Identity Management REST services expand capabilities for the administration of clients, applications and roles.
  • nevisAuth now offers OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection according to RFC 7662.
  • MariaDB is now an officially supported database for nevisMeta and OAuth 2.0 use cases.
  • Oracle 18c is now an officially supported database for nevisIDM, nevisWF and nevisReports.
  • Experimental support for direct deployment of NEVIS to Kubernetes on Azure. Production readiness is expected for November 2019.

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Apr 30, 2019

Interview with Stephan Schweizer, Chief Product Officer NEVIS

On the topic of continuous authentication and artificial intelligence in IT-zoom. Read the interview (in German).

Apr 24, 2019

New FIDO Alliance Member

Media release: AdNovum joins the FIDO Alliance as a sponsoring member and promotes passwordless authentication with NEVIS. The NEVIS Security Suite supports secure and convenient mobile authentication according to the FIDO standard since autumn 2018.

Apr 02, 2019

Privacy – a common task for lawmakers, businesses and internet users

The topic of data protection first aroused public interest in 1970, when Hesse passed the world's first data protection law. Due to the increasing electronic processing of data, the access rights as well as the duty of confidentiality were regulated.


Today, personal information includes more than names, addresses and customer numbers because many sensitive data, such as medical data or online banking details, is captured in the course of digitization. Therefore, in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union came into force to protect personal data, to guarantee more transparency and to create a uniform regulation for the entire EU.


But privacy can not be guaranteed exclusively by legal regulations and measures of companies. Every internet user can and should help to protect his personal data. According to a Bitkom study, 74% of German Internet users consider themselves responsible for protecting their data. Nevertheless, the three most popular passwords in Germany in 2018 were "123456", "12345" and "123456789". In addition, only 10% of German mobile users read terms and conditions before accepting them. This allows companies to access data such as the location or the contact list with unwanted consent of the user. In addition to data economy, users should regularly delete browser cookies, change all passwords and pay attention to a secure environment while surfing. This includes, inter alia, an SSL encryption and the verification of e-mails and online shops for their trustworthiness. Furthermore, due to the right to be forgotten, it is possible to have outdated unwanted results of an internet search deleted if there is no public interest. What do you already contribute to the protection of your data?

Feb 21, 2019

NEVIS Cluster Release February 2019

The highlights of the February release include:

  • More personalization in nevisIDM
  • nevisAdmin 4 now supports SAML, Kerberos and more
  • nevisAppliance is ready for Mobile Authentication

Existing NEVIS customers may access a more detailed summary via AdNovum's Customer Zone.


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