nevisAdmin 4

A better way to secure your infrastructure

Collaborative and predictable configuration management


Digital technology has begun to unfold its potential. Business models and customer expectations are rapidly changing, creating new opportunities and increasing competition. Accelerating time to market is the new imperative and organizations need to move forward, faster than ever. Companies that lack speed in their IT function risk losing entire markets. However, this speed cannot be gained at the cost of security breaches, reputation, and financial losses.

nevisAdmin 4 helps your team getting things done.

High performing teams work together to meet these challenges. Our new administration platform, nevisAdmin 4, supports the way these teams work. It gives development, operations and security professionals a shared NEVIS configuration and deployment platform for close and timely collaboration.


Roll out new business functionality continuously with validated security configurations and push-button deployments that conform to company-wide policies.

Main features

  • Quickly configure and implement security best practices with the help of reusable configuration templates.
  • Experiment safely. Test new configurations and infrastructure options thanks to full separation of configuration and infrastructure data.
  • Work on a single source of truth. Edit, share and review declarative configuration files with support for the Git Version Control System.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises in production by validating configuration changes and reviewing execution plans before deployment.
  • Adapts to the way your company works. The modular architecture enables flexible deployment processes.
  • Integrate with the tools you already use through the Configuration Generation Engine.


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