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IAM Solution for Online Banking

IAM-Lösung für Online-Banking

The Zurich and Luxembourg entities of Quilvest Wealth Management use NEVIS. This way, they offer their customers optimal and secure online services.


Quilvest Wealth Management is a leading global independent wealth manager and private equity investor. Quilvest Wealth Management customers now use the company's services online too. This is thanks to NEVIS, used by the Zurich and Luxembourg entities, which ensures secure, customer-oriented online banking. In addition, NEVIS protects the document exchange between customers and the bank.


The complete authentication and authorization solution was operational within just three months. In spite of a distance of over 500 kilometers between the two data centers and the separately managed IT infrastructures in Switzerland and Luxembourg. This was made possible, in particular, by AdNovum's excellent cooperation and its understanding of the financial services industry.


  • Full protection of back-end applications by means of WAF
  • Two-factor authentication based on VASCO
  • Single sign-on for all applications
  • Fine-grained role model
  • Integration of various existing back-end applications
  • High-availability thanks to geo-redundancy


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