No more stress – passwordless

Do your users access your digital offers securely, easily and without a password?
With the Authentication Cloud from NEVIS you can offer your customers maximum security and a smooth user experience in no time at all.

Don’t compromise when it comes to usability and security

Remembering a long, complex password for each individual account no longer fits into today’s fast, mobile world. New solutions with password-free authentication such as fingerprint or face ID are not only faster and more convenient, but also significantly more secure for all parties involved. Because they eliminate the primary target of hackers: the password.


Save time, costs and hassle

What is your helpdesk effort?
Automated standard processes save support costs.

Do you want to do without ongoing SMS transaction fees?
With password-free authentication there are no SMS-TAN costs.

What benefits your users?
The password-free access eliminates unnecessary steps. Users save time and nerves when accessing your services.

How soon?

Rollout in no time with out-of-the-box integrations for industry standards such as Azure AD B2C.

Take off with digital security

Offer your customers the same comfort with maximum security on every type of end device.

«The password is the biggest security risk. Get rid of it. User-friendly, secure and in compliance with the law.»

Mobile Authentication

Advantages/data security

  • Protect your customers from data and identity theft
  • Easily comply with legal requirements for sensitive user data
  • Significantly better usability, especially for mobile applications
  • Integrated into your IT environment in just a few steps
  • Computer centre either in the EU or Switzerland
  • Standards-based authentication, FIDO certified
  • Available as app with custom branding and as Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Out-of-the-box integration for Azure AD B2C

«Leverage the NEVIS Authentication Cloud, reduce time to market for digital offerings and increase customer loyalty.»

Gregory Guglielmetti, Chief Product Officer

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