Identity Management

The NEVIS identity management solution nevisIDM offers a flexible, customizable and centralized management of users, applications, roles and permissions.


nevisIDM manages the users, roles and permissions of your business applications in a centralized way. This central control and administration of data makes your system more secure and reduces costs. It also paves the way for a company-wide single sign-on. Together with the support for a broad range of user credentials, the implementation of strong authentication mechanisms is possible.


The sophisticated data model enables a fine-grained authorization concept that supports the separation of powers and thus enhances the security of your system. The additional nevisWorkflow component further facilitates the division of tasks. It also gives your users the possibility of self-service, e.g., to reset their passwords or view their profiles themselves.


The full audit trail allows for complete traceability of all user actions, which helps fulfill compliance requirements. An additional feature is the ability of nevisIDM to handle multi-tenant setups with completely separated user groups. As such, you need only one identity management solution to cover several user populations at once.

Features and tasks

  • Administration of user and authentication data
  • Multi-client capability with hierarchical organization of users per client
  • Fine-grained authorization model for administrators and delegated administration
  • Association of roles and users (authorization)
  • Administration of applications, roles and various credential types including device credentials
  • Extensible data model
  • Continuous audit trail thanks to a history-enabled data model
  • Bulk imports of user data based on Excel files

  • Configurable self-administration capabilities
  • Implementation of self-service processes (e.g. secure password reset, self-registration) 

    Management of policies and processes​
  • Management of client-specific authentication policies (e.g. password policies)
  • Modelling and implementation of complex IAM processes via workflow engine
  • Powerful output management (e-mail, SMS, letter) for IAM processes (i.e., activation letter after self-registration)
  • Automated management of unused accounts
  • Batch subsystem for process automation
  • Event-based provisioning of data to third-party systems

High-level solution architecture

Image nevisIDM_flyer_architecture_new.png

Identity Management in NEVIS

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