Governance Dashboards and Reporting

nevisReports provides detailed reports on topics such as utilization, performance, security incidents and identity administration. The product is fully integrated in the NEVIS Security Suite.

Access and indexing of relevant data as well as preparation and distribution of predefined reports is done automatically or requires minimum configuration. It is possible to extend the standard reports of nevisReports at any time and tailor them to the customer's needs.


The product includes the following standard reports and dashboards:

  • Application usage and performance
  • Session history
  • Security threats and countermeasures
  • Account administration statistics
  • Detailed reports of roles and permissions granted

Reports can be made available in different formats, e.g., Excel, PDF or as a web page. Access to report data is only possible for authorized users. Administration of the reporting permissions is fully integrated with the NEVIS identity management product nevisIDM. Therefore, it is recommended to administer the permissions in this product.


Authorized users can customize the report generation intervals, e.g., daily, weekly or monthly. Report distribution is possible through various channels such as e-mail attachment, file shares or the intuitive web GUI. The data collected is processed in "near real-time", which means the reports are always based on the latest figures.


nevisReports is delivered as a nevisAppliance and is integrated in the IAM architecture of NEVIS just like a regular web application.


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