In view of the tough competition and the volatile currency situation, lean processes and cost efficiency are crucial in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing companies increasingly depend on being able to implement B2B portals that are easy to operate and sufficiently secure. Such platforms typically need to offer customers, providers, and distribution partners convenient single sign-on access to a variety of existing online services based on heterogeneous IT landscapes. A sophisticated identity and access management solution is able to encapsulate this heterogeneity, making internal system boundaries disappear, so that users are presented with a consolidated view of their data and business cases. In addition, automated synchronization of identity information and ERP system data considerably facilitates identity management processes for internal departments.

The benefits of introducing a central identity and access management solution are compelling, especially for manufacturing companies. NEVIS provides the following building blocks for implementing such solutions:

  • Integration of ERP systems including bidirectional synchronization of master data and authorization information
  • Simplification of identity management processes in internal departments
  • Delegated user administration for business partners and internal departments
  • Single sign-on across various applications and shop systems
  • Single sign-on across several organizations by means of identity federation
  • Self-services (self-registration, reset password functionality, etc.) for end-users
  • Support of various authentication mechanisms in line with security requirements
  • Integration of additional devices (e.g., bar code scanner) to enable implementation of automated ordering processes

System overview

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Case Studies

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