Customer Identity and Access Management

CIAM – Customer Identity and Access Management – ensures security and increases competitive advantage

Changing requirements to customer journey in online business – are you ready?

Customers like it simple: They prefer their social media identity to log in, the app is easy to use – and they certainly don't want multi-level authorization just to buy a pair of shoes. Of course, this should all happen very securely, and they frown on disclosing too much personal details.


Be it in e-banking, e-insurance or IoT, today's customers demand a standardized, secure and consistent customer experience in online business – regardless of the chosen end device.


Simple is good!

Customers expect a simple, user-friendly application providing a nice customer experience. – How easy is it to conclude a contract with you online?


One level more secure?

Customers expect comprehensive protection of their personal and sensitive data so that it cannot be used fraudulently. – Is your customer data safe?


Available 24/7!

Customers expect to be able to use the application from different devices in a secure, simple and consistent way. – Does your e-services offering live up to this expectation?  


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CIAM – customer identity and access management – ensures security and increases competitive advantage.