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Passwordless mobile authentication


You use your mobile device because it is convenient. Remembering and typing long and complicated passwords to access a service on your device or desktop computer is not. This is why end-users don’t change their passwords often enough. They use identical ones for different applications, and 123456 still ranks among the most popular passwords.


Hackers like this. Studies show that the root of over 80% of all security breaches and attacks is stolen passwords.


The solution is passwordless mobile authentication with the NEVIS Access App.


It is not only faster and more convenient, but also significantly more secure than passwords. This benefits both end-users and service providers. Because authentication with the NEVIS Access App eliminates the primary target of hackers: the password.

No password anymore

Logo fido UAF certification
Logo fido UAF certification

The NEVIS Access App can easily be integrated into your existing environment. It provides the secure, passwordless experience your customers value. They log in to your service with their username or e-mail address. Thanks to biometric authentication they don’t need to remember a password anymore.


Your services are thus conveniently at your customers’ fingertips and protected by NEVIS’ FIDO-certified mobile authentication solution.


Main features

  • Eliminates the need for a password while still granting safe access to your online services
  • Transaction confirmation included
  • Easy registration for end-users via QR code
  • Available in your organization’s design
  • Quick integration into your existing environment
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Based on the latest FIDO UAF 1.1 standard and conform to PSD2
  • Hardened against tampering with Arxan Application Protection


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