Identity Suite – faster, easier and more user-friendly

Customer Identity and Access Management for your Business

Do your users access your digital offers securely, easily and without a password?
With the NEVIS Identity Suite you can provide your users with secure, convenient and password-free access to your digital offers and services.

No compromises when it comes to usability and security

As a modern company, you offer your users a new, fast and secure way of access to all functions via various portals. After a one-time activation, a fingerprint is sufficient and the user is securely logged in. The online account can be used securely and without a password from anywhere at any time.


Modular – flexible – stable – safe

The Identity Suite integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and supports a wide range of standards with its open architecture. In addition, NEVIS grows with you, no matter whether you need to handle larger volumes or integrate new technologies. NEVIS customers can respond quickly to new market demands, and thus attain a decisive advantage over their competitors.

Take off with digital security

Customer Identity and Access Management with NEVIS guarantees the desired security and increases the competitive advantage. Both browser-based and app-based login processes are supported. Thus, you can offer your users the same comfort with maximum security on any type of device.

«The password is the biggest security risk. Get rid of it. User-friendly, secure and legally compliant.»


  • Quick and easy login via fingerprint or Face ID
  • Works for login on desktop devices and smartphones
  • Check purchases and confirm transactions while on the go
  • Replaces the static 3-D Secure password when purchasing credit cards online with fingerprint or Face ID
  • Convenient: can be used from anywhere, at any time
  • Fast: reach your goal with just a few mouse clicks
  • NEVIS integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and is future-proof

«Make use of the NEVIS Identity Suite, shorten the time to market for digital offerings and increase customer loyalty.»

Gregory Guglielmetti, Chief Product Officer

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