The modern healthcare portal offers users simple and secure online access.

Passwordless access to the e-health dossier

Do your users still use a password?

Passwords meet the security requirements no longer. In particular when it comes to mobile devices, where users often refrain from using special characters or long passwords.

With NEVIS you can provide your users secure, convenient and passwordless access to your digital offers and services.

Does your healthcare portal meet the requirements?

Do you want to meet the demands of different groups within a unified security infrastructure?

Does your portal meet the security requirements?

Can you save helpdesk costs thanks to self-service?

Do you allow your users easy access?

«Make it easier for your users to access your portal. Passwordless authentication: no more stress – passwordless.»

«Use the automated security infrastructure of NEVIS, shorten the introduction time for new digital offers and increase customer satisfaction.»

Gregory Guglielmetti, Chief Product Officer NEVIS

Take off with digital security

NEVIS supports both browser-based and app-based login processes. In this way, you can offer your portal users the same comfort with maximum security on any type of device.

  • Securely log in to the healthcare portal within seconds
  • Quick and easy via fingerprint or Face ID
  • Works for login on desktop devices and smartphones
  • Convenient: can be used from anywhere, at any time
  • Fast: reach your goal with just a few mouse clicks


«Just start now. Get in touch with your personal expert.»

Serkan Kabatas, Sales Manager DACH

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