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Secure web archiving with NEVIS and qumram

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The qumram suite and AdNovum's nevisProxy form a perfect team to fulfill compliance and archiving requirements for web content. They record the entire data flow between web servers and customers and store all business-relevant content automatically in an audit-proof archiving system. This enables companies to easily meet regulatory requirements for archiving web content. Full traceability is also guaranteed, regardless of a company's application environment.

The audit-proof archive enables companies to faithfully reconstruct the web content that was live at any point in time in various formats. In addition, a web archiving solution offers the following options:


Quality assurance and error analysis

Complex and rare errors in a production environment often cannot be replicated in a test environment. At times, log file analysis alone can be difficult or insufficient, e.g., because it is not possible to activate debug log levels in production for capacity or compliance reasons. With transactional web archiving, you can replicate each of the user's steps until the occurrence of the error and provide this data to developers for error analysis.


Helpdesk support

If a user calls to report an error, helpdesk staff must understand where in the application the error has occurred based on the user's verbal description. This can be a challenge, especially for complex business applications. However, if the helpdesk staff has access to a web archive, the user's steps can be followed quickly and easily. Support thus becomes significantly more efficient and cost-effective.


Archiving of legacy applications

Content from legacy applications often needs to remain available for quite some time after the applications have been decommissioned. Without web archiving, this often implies that the company has to continue operation of virtually the entire infrastructure for compliance reasons. When the content is stored in a web archive, it can be provided more cost-effectively, and operation of the legacy environment is no longer required.


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